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About Me

Weaving is a style of healing I have been developing through my years of practice since 2000, when graduating from Acupressure College and my journey began into healing. 


I've run an ongoing practice in Orillia since 2006. 

My practice is a beautiful blend of Shiatsu (acupressure) coupled with Reiki and Intuitive healing as guided in each session. This means each session will have hands on massage with movement of the limbs and joints coupled with energetic weaving of the chakras as well as energy bodies. All is done in a nurturing and gentle manner to sooth and comfort the receiver. 


Sessions are offered in my home clinic by appointment only. Please contact Beth to book your session. Payments can be made through cash, debit or credit on the day of session.


My Philosophy

I now understand I've always been a weaver of energy. These gifts became clear to me through my own healing journey, as well as teachings that naturally unfolded while assisting others in session.

An Energy Weaver can also be called a 'Seamstress for the Soul' by helping mend possible holes or tears in someone's tapestry that is seen as their auric body. Weaving helps move healing through and around the bodies as guided to create balance. Attention is given to sacred symbols as they strengthen and reconnect the body and soul to it's own Sacred Design. 


One of my greatest desires is to support and assist others through their own healing journey. It brings me great joy to be of service to others in this way on a deep vibrational level. 


My intention is grounded in the loving light of God as I work closely with my Angels and Guides in each session.  

Beth with her therapy Dogs
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