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What to Expect in a Session

frequently asked questions

  • What clothing is appropriate?                                                                                       
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing please. For example leggings, a long sleeve t-shirt and socks. Something you can move freely in. No collar or hood is encouraged for your best experience. Bundling up is ok in colder weather. Body temperature usually drop during sessions. There's always a blanket close by.
  • Is eating ok before a session?                                                                                            Do not eat a large meal before session. Digestion will inevitably occur. Tummy talking and general movement is normal. It means the energy is moving which is a great thing!
  • Why is the session 2 hours long?                                                                                    This time is needed because the work itself is slow and methodical. People need time to decompress naturally from the outside world as well. The hands on healing portion takes time to unwind the body, the chatter of the mind and help the receiver find a place of center.  Consultation at the beginning and then at the end of the session is part of the whole experience. The hands on element of the session will depend on each individual session. Could be 45 minutes up to 90 minutes in duration. 
  • Is it ok to talk about stressors or worries in my life?                                                      All elements of 'how you are doing' is considered in each session. Mental, emotional, energetic and physical well being will be potentially discussed. Feel free to share as one feels comfortable. 
  • Is there talking during the entire session?                                                                          Talking and communication is necessary during the consultation part of the session. During the hands on section Beth will be quiet to allow the receiver the full benefit of the energetic experience. At the end of the session Beth will share any messages or insight found during the hands on portion. 
  • What if I fall asleep?                                                                                                       Sleeping, or falling into a deeper meditative state is very common. And yes, you will still benefit from all the healing work, even when asleep. 
  • I see you have dogs. Are they present in session?                                                            Beth has two therapeutic dogs that work with her in session. Emmy Lou and Rocket. Mother and son Golden Retrievers.  Please note this is a home where two dogs and a cat live. Client can request the dogs not be part of the session if necessary. 
  • How will I feel after the session?                                                                                  Receiver will feel euphoric or a bit 'floaty' after a session. This is normal. Please allow time after your session to rest and relax, enjoying the full benefits of the 'unwinding' experience. Having water and food after will help one ground after. 
  • How long will the effects of the session last?                                                  Lasting effects of each session will vary. All energetic healing is permanent. Of course, each session is different person to person, session to session. Most people comment on feeling the benefits of their session up to two weeks after receiving. 
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