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Memory Keepsake

Custom made memory pieces lovingly created by Beth McKean

Do you have a piece of clothing that holds deep fondness to you? Possibly something that has been with you for years yet isn't worn anymore. Or a piece that has been gifted or handed down to you from a loved one. Maybe it's an item that belonged to a loved one who has passed on. 


Would you like to give this item new life and longevity? This is where Beth can help. It is a honor to work with each client and create a custom made garment from these found items to become a memory keepsake. As a seamstress for the soul, Beth recognizes the importance these pieces hold for each of us in our hearts and memories. It is important for these memories to be honored and respected. 

Different garments can be created by Beth using your loved pieces. This can be discussed and decided together upon seeing the materials brought forth. Possibilities of garment made could be a Shawl, Poncho, Jean Jacket, Blanket or Pillow as examples. As long as it's a pattern that Beth currently makes through her Hip Chick Design's then the choice will be yours. Please keep in mind different materials will determine what can be recreated. Beth will be able to give her expert opinion upon looking at the garment.


Reiki infusion

brought into each piece



Throw Blanket



Jean Jacket

Materials best for upcycling:
~ wool
~ cotton
~ denim
~ flannels 

* Other materials are possible to incorporate. Please discuss with Beth

All keepsakes made are first cleared and cleansed energetically by Beth using Reiki (universal loving energy). During the process of creation Beth's weaving energy is consciously woven into each garment. The finished result is a beautifully energized garment that holds loving vibrations for the highest benefit of the receiver and anchors the memories and love each persons keepsake. 


Price of the finished garment is based on time to create it. Custom order pricing is $95/hr. 

Most garments take 1-3 hrs approximately to create. Beth will determine price during consultation. 

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