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Sacred Design Healing

Balance & Reconnection


Meet Beth

Hello! I'm so honoured you found me.

My name is Beth McKean. I live and work from my home in Orillia Ontario. I am a Mother, a partner, an artist, a dancer, a dreamer and a creative free spirit. I am also what is known as an Energy Weaver. It's ok if you don't know exactly what that means. I'm happy to show you! Read more about the healing art of

Sacred Design Healing

I've carved out a very unique career for myself. As an artist I work in the healing arts with my practice Sacred Design Healing. As well, I work in the creative arts as a designer and seamstress with my clothing line Hip Chick Design. 


Learn more about Hip Chick Design and my Reiki infused Custom Memory Keepsakes 


2 Hour Session $150

Available for bookings:
Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays
10:00-12:00 OR 1:00-3:00

What Patients Say

Beth is spectacular!

The energy/body work that she does is powerful on many levels.


My experience during a sessions has been healing in body and mind. The way she holds space for whatever I am going through or am in need of is appreciated, felt and powerful. She has the ability to help unblock energy blocks, move positive energy from around me to within me and help my body on all levels come into a nice flow of balance and relieve physical discomfort. I always feel deeply relaxed during a session and more connected. After my session I feel lighter and more mobile. My discomfort is noticeably less and my mind feels clearer.


Beth’s practice is not like anything I have experienced before. You almost have to experience it to fully understand it. How open I am to her practice/gifts will determine how deep of a session I will receive.

She is one of kind! Thank you as always Beth for sharing your gifts with the world


~ Laura Hollingshead

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